Video - Buch Trailer Award 2009 | Bernie und Chet - Publikumspreis

Ein Buchtrailer von Christina M. Schollerer und Mario Anger, Berlin, 2009.
Prämiert mit dem Publikumspreis im Buch Trailer Award 2009 von Club Bertelsmann.

Buch: Spencer Quinn: Bernie und Chet. Die Fährte des vermissten Mädchens

Drehbuch, Produktion und Regie: Christina Maria Schollerer
Design, Animation und Regie: Mario Anger
Chets Stimme: Sebastian Möring
Sounddesign: Michael Thumm
Musik: 'Thème de Combat'- Julien Petitjean (powered by Jamendo)
This is the subtitled version of the book trailer "Bernie und Chet" (english title: "Dog On It" - by Spencer Quinn) by Mario Anger and Christina Maria Schollerer.
It won the audience award in the Buch Trailer Award student competition 2009 by German publisher Club Bertelsmann.

As one of the five winners of the student concept competition in July 2009, we got the chance to realize and produce our trailer in a hasty one-month-time. The competition in general was open to all means of film, depending on which book one chose to promote - the only rule being that the trailer was not allowed to exceed 60 seconds.

BuchMarkt - 19.11.09
Direct Group Germany - 18.11.09